Celebrating at the 5 p.m. Saturday Eucharist

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Thank you for your willingness to serve as a Celebrant at our 5 p.m. Saturday Eucharist at St. Margaret’s! Your important work is an act of hospitality and hope for those who attend and participate.

Because this is a small service, the role of the Saturday night Celebrant is much simpler than at other services, and includes the roles of Preacher and Deacon. You will be assisted by an Usher, a Reader, and a Eucharistic Minister. Normally the Altar Guild sets up well ahead of time and cleans up the next morning, so you probably won’t see an Altar Guild rep. But sometimes you will. [New for 2014/15: Based on a Nov. 3, 2014 meeting with officiating clergy, we may let the lay ministry schedule run out at the end of January, and ask Celebrants to recruit these roles from the congregation.]

The propers and readings for the service can be found here, and will be printed for the congregation in their bulletin. When the Revised Common Lectionary allows for readings other than those indicated, you can select from those included in the RCL, but please notify the office no later than Wednesday before the service so we can revised the bulletins accordingly.

The service is very informal and casual in style. Please vest in whatever way you find comfortable and reasonable. The Rector normally vests in alb and stole without chasuble, and sometimes just in stole without alb.

The congregation gathers in the south transept [new for 2014/15], and a wheeled cart serves as the altar. The cart should be set up before you arrive, together with a music stand for holding your presider book.

Please plan to arrive no later than 4:30. There is no sexton on duty. The building will be locked when you arrive, and the celebrant is responsible for unlocking and locking the building. Some worshipers will arrive as early as 4:15. Make sure to unlock the front doors in the narthex, as well as the north side doors near the men’s room and the downstairs exterior door across from Meyers Hall, near the elevator. If the usher is not there, you may need to turn on the lights to the narthex. The switches are near the narthex closet door. You also need to turn on the south aisle lights. The switch is on the left just inside the vesting sacristy area as you enter from the church door. The lights in the church itself will turn on and off automatically.

You’ll need to confirm that you have an usher, a reader, and a Eucharistic Minister. Their names should be listed at the end of the people’s bulletin, which can be found in the narthex or in the narthex closet. No-shows are very common at the Saturday night Eucharist, so your ability to improvise is important.

There is no formal entrance. The celebrant vests and greets worshipers as they arrive. The presider book is a black binder, which you can find either on the table in the vesting sacristy or on the music stand next to the portable altar. The presider book has everything you need for officiating except the Psalm, which you can find in the people’s bulletin. A copy of that bulletin normally can be found in the front inside cover pocket of the presider book binder. The Reader will read from a green binder which should be on the lectern, but sometimes may have been moved into the sacristy.

At the Gospel, the Reader may forget to hand you the green binder, which contains the Gospel reading. If that happens, either prompt the Reader, or use one of the people’s bulletins.

After the service, make sure the usher has put the offering and completed count sheet into the safe. If not, please do that yourself. Please record the attendance count in the service book in the vesting sacristy and turn off the lights in the north aisle and the narthex. The nave lights are on a timer, and will set themselves automatically at 6:30.

The remaining bread, wine, and dishes should be marked clearly with red (consecrated) or blue (unconsecrated) ribbons so the altar guild knows what to do with them. Please empty any remaining wine into the piscina in the sacristy and rinse the chalice and cruets. Everything else can be left on the portable cart, and the altar guild will remove it Sunday morning.

Please lock all the exterior doors that you previously unlocked.

Please make sure you are the last to leave. Some ushers or altar guild members may encourage you to go ahead and go, but our policy is never to leave an altar guild member alone in the building after dark.

Thank you for your service to God and to St. Margaret’s!

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