Past Practice (Lent)

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The Decalogue

In 2012, the Decalogue was chanted at the 10 a.m. Eucharist on the Second Sunday of Lent, and the chant was supposed to replace the professional hymn. Instead, a hymn was used for the procession, and the Decalogue was chanted from the altar. In the future, either the chant should constitute the processional music, or the Decalogue should not be changed at all.

Processional Torches

In 2012, the processional torches were placed at the altar and not the back wall during Lent. Acolytes moved to the altar to retrieve the torches for the Gospel procession and the retiring procession. But the process was awkward, and the torches often got stuck in the stands, and the practice was abandoned for 2013.

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