Holy Week 2014 Plan and Status

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IMPORTANT: The Worship Commission meetings for April 4 and 16 are cancelled because we’ve completed our preparation work for Holy Week.

Scheduled follow-up planning meetings

  • Mon., March 31, 1 p.m.:
    • Betty and Lane meet to discuss and decide Altar Guild issues related to Holy Week.
  • Sat., April 12, 10 a.m. – Noon: Walk-Through for Holy Week / Easter services
    • Excluding Taizé, Stations of the Cross, and Easter Vigil. Those will have their own.
    • TBD: Lane to confer with Gettises about ushers, to discuss
      • Staffing for all services
      • Distribution of palms
      • Logistics of palm procession
      • Usher plans for Mon-Wed chapel Eucharists
        Bulletins, Doors, Lights, AC, no traffic direction
      • 33 bell rings at noon on Good Friday
      • Usher/balcony priest confer ahead of time on Palm Sunday / Easter
    • TBD: Lane to confer with David and Clark about Easter Vigil
  • TBD: Lane to confer with David Burgdorf
    to determine whether he will lead a “Hike to the Cross” on Good Friday.
  • TBD: Lane to confer with Cherry to work out officiating for Good Friday.
  • TBD: Lane and John to confer re: lighting for (Taizé?), MT, GF, EV, ED
    Timing of retable return
  • TBD: Lane to confer with Alan re: HVAC management
  • TBD: Lane to confer with Karel re:
    • transportation of potted palms and Moller’s acknowledgment.
    • If she needs John Wright’s involvement (e.g., in recruiting singers)
    • Need help recruiting staff/ushers/other participants or generating bulletin?
    • Need help with building logistics? Lights? HVAC? Sound system? Other
    • Need a custom house light setting programmed?
  • TBD: Lane to confer with Alice Sleight
    • confirm time of Stations of the Cross
    • Need help recruiting staff/ushers/other participants or generating bulletin?
    • Need help with building logistics? Lights? HVAC? Sound system? Other
    • Need a custom house light setting programmed?
  • TBD: Lane to confer with staff to assign “staff director” to each service and define role.
    • Logistics, sexton, HVAC, etc., not yet defined. Important!
  • TBD: If possible, Lane to recruit last-minute MCs for other services

Tentative Schedule:

Dt Time Occasion Service Loc. MC Ushers 2013 # 2014 # To Print Color
3/5 10 a.m. Ash Wed. AW/HE2 Church 4 127 135 300 Grey/Purple
3/5 Noon Ash Wed. AW/HE2 Hike 0 20 N/A
3/5 5 p.m. Ash Wed. AW/HE2 Church 4 130 109 N/A
4/12 5 p.m. Palm Sun. HE2 Church 1 61  28 80 Pink
4/13 8 a.m. Palm Sun. HE1 Church Regular 225 164 275 Pink
4/13 10 a.m. Palm Sun. HE2 Church Regular 594 458 650 Pink
4/14 10 a.m. Mon in HW HE2 Chapel 1 10 25 Pink
4/15 10 a.m. Tue in HW HE2 Chapel 1 15 25 Pink
4/16 10 a.m. Wed in HW HE2/Heal Chapel 1 26 N/A
4/16 7 p.m. Wed in HW Taizé Church KL 1 165 200 TBD
4/17 7 p.m. Maundy Thu. MT/FW/HE2 Church KW? 2-4 109 124 140 Pink
4/18 Noon Good Fri. GF Lit. Church 2-4 119 145 150 Grey
4/18 TBD Good Fri. Stations Stations N/A N/A
4/19 9 a.m. Holy Sat. HS Lit. Church LH N/A 22 25 Grey
4/19 8 p.m. E. Vigil Vigil Church DB/CT 4 136 102 150 White Book
4/20 7 a.m. Easter Day HE2 Church Extra 207  126 250 Cream
4/20 9 a.m. Easter Day HE2 Church AMAP 919 582 1,600 White Book
4/20 11:15 a.m. Easter Day HE2 Church AMAP 608 525 N/A

Advance Preparations

  • Advertising/Publicity
    • Emily updating and renewing ad in Desert Sun.
    • Radio ad proposal rejected on the basis of cost and effectiveness.
    • Emily to distribute Holy Week / Easter info to local hotel concierges.
    • Saint Mail to encourage people to attend at 11:15 on Easter Day
      (because 9 is more crowded.)
    • Parking recommendations to be publicized. See “Parking/Shuttles” below.
    • Emily / Chet managing street banners. No building banner to be used.
    • Debby has updated outgoing phone message to include service times.
    • Debby has instructed receptionists about Holy Week service times.
  • Parking / Shuttles on Easter Day Only
    • Alan has secured permission from Hope Academy for parking on the grounds.
    • Alan has investigated valet parking options. No good options available.
    • Alan has confirmed that street parking along Haystack won’t be ticketed on Easter Day.
      Lane to discuss with Alan and others whether we should publicize that fact.
    • Saint Mail to encourage carpooling on Easter Day,
      and parking on school grounds or Haystack.
    • Chet renting 1+ shuttle golf cart(s) and recruiting driver(s).
    • Shuttles will serve upper campus and adjacent street parking.
  • Bulletins
    • Lane to get all bulletins to Emily by Wed., April 2. Priority: Easter Day 9 & 11:15.
    • Draft and final bulletins will be posted when ready to http://www.stmargarets.org/bulletins.
      (None posted yet as of this writing.)
  • Fundraising
    • John is running Sunday ads asking for funding for brass.
    • Money is coming in for altar flowers.
    • Lane to coordinate with Stacey/Darlene to document targets and budget.
  • Chairs: Chet ordering 200 rental chairs to be arranged in the side aisles.
    CHET: When will they be delivered? Need to coordinate with others using the space Saturday to avoid schedule conflict. Examples:
    • Easter Vigil rehearsal
    • Altar Guild setup
    • Flower delivery/arrangement
    • Other?
  • Narthex Flower Cross: Chet to manage. See notes on flowers below.
    • Chet to coordinate with Veronica for retrieval and setup of cross in narthex across glass from font.
  • Flowers: Vicki Lust is choosing and supervising a team to obtain and set up Easter flowers.
    • Getting budget information from Stacey/Darlene
    • Choosing vendor(s) and arrangements
    • Scheduling setup through Debby
    • Chet asks for two buckets of single stem carnations and other flowers for narthex cross
  • Choir Breakfast
    • Chet is managing this in cooperation with John Wright.
      • Possible recruit: Frank Jacobi, but be may be taken by Easter Vigil planning crew.
  • Easter Egg Hunt
    • Chet is managing
    • Pre-stuffed eggs are on order, to be delivered to Lee 1 for staging.
    • Signs to be made to mark off hunt areas
    • Chet to recruit one or more coordinators for management on Easter Day.
  • Palm Cross Production
    • Karel to recruit others to make palm crosses
    • Karel to get publicity into to Emily as needed for bulletins and Saint Mail.
    • Two sessions, conference room, Fri., 4/11 at 10 and 4
    • Office closed. Karel to open door with her own key, Darlene available for assistance
    • In 2015 Karel will confer with Betty and hand off leadership of this effort
  • Other Groups
    • Har-El not using the worship space at all during Holy Week.
      • Their Friday service will be downstairs.
      • Passover meal will not occur at St. Margaret’s.
  • Music
    • John and Lane are conferring on all music EXCEPT:
      • Easter Vigil (Clark/David)

Specific status and plans for upcoming worship are as follows:


  • See http://www.stmargarets.org/worship/customary/seasonal/lent/ for important overview information.
  • Minimal Processions
    In 2012, we decided to process only the altar party (celebrant, preacher, deacon), crucifer, torches, and first verger in and out. All others should take their places before the worship begins and not process in or out. The purpose is to make the procession spare for Lent. In 2013 and the first half of 2014, we forgot to keep that practice, and we returned to it on 3 Lent, March 23, 2014.
  • Clergy Recognition Sunday
    In keeping with the desire to reduce pomp and ceremony during Lent, we’re moving Clergy Recognition Sunday from 2 Lent to Last Epiphany beginning in 2015.

Palm Sunday

  • See http://www.stmargarets.org/worship/customary/seasonal/holy-week/palm-sunday/ for important overview information.
  • Palms for the altar: Karel will arrange with Moller’s Garden Center in Palm Desert to secure two large palms to be lent to St. Margaret’s.
    • Karel to draft Moller’s acknowledgment for publication in Palm Sunday bulletin and send to Emily. (Done.)
    • Karel to recommend appropriate thanks to Moller’s for Lane’s follow-through.
    • Plan B, if Moller’s option doesn’t work: Samantha’s friend at Living Desert
    • Plan C: As Ed Thayer for Living Desert loaner
    • Plan D: Buy potted palms at Home Depot
    • Distribution of Palms
      Altar Guild will put palms in buckets and bring them to the narthex for distribution by the ushers. Lane to confer with Gettises about this.
    • Passion Gospel
      • Plan A: Ask Sherry Wollenberg. Lane called Mon., 3/23 and left message. Given the late date, this is not likely to pan out.
      • Plan B: Lane conferring with John Wright about dramatic interpretation. To discuss further with Betty Baxter because of logistics, and review with others at walk-thru on 4/12. This is a solid option, and is the more likely to move forward.
      • When do the palms leave?
        Palms should be removed after the 10 a.m. Eucharist on Palm Sunday.
        The large potted palms need to be returned promptly to Moller’s.
      • Procession at 10 a.m.
        See updated notes at http://www.stmargarets.org/worship/customary/seasonal/holy-week/palm-sunday/,
        which supersede the conversation at the worship commission on 3/24/14.

Monday 10 a.m., Chapel
Tuesday 10 a.m., Chapel

  • Plain chapel services.
  • One ushers
  • Presider book and bulletins provided.
  • Lane to review usher plan with Gettises.

Wednesday 10 a.m., Chapel

  • Same plan as Monday and Tuesday, except no presider book or bulletin:
    Regular Wednesday healing Eucharist form to be used.

Wednesday 7 p.m., Taizé:

  • Karel to MC (and officiate?), working with Steven Smith for music.
  • Not clergy-driven
  • Questions/Comments for Karel; contact Lane as needed
    • If you need John Wright’s involvement (e.g., in recruiting singers), the sooner the better.
    • Need help recruiting staff/ushers/other participants or generating bulletin?
    • Need help with building logistics? Lights? HVAC? Sound system? Other
    • Need a custom house light setting programmed?

Maundy Thursday, 7 p.m.

  • Betty ordering two plain focaccia, no salt from Panera for use at Eucharist.
    (Only one used; the second is spare.)

Lighting Plan needed, including operator

Prelude: Improvisation

Trisagion: Archangelsky (S-102)

Psalm 116:1,11-15: Meachen

Sequence: 313, “Let thy Blood in mercy poured”

Music during foot washing: Choir sings, JW selects music, nothing in bulletin

Anthem: “Ave Verum Corpus”, Mozart

No Presentation Hymn

Sursum Corda Chanted

Sanctus: Hurd (S-124)

Lord’s Prayer Said

Fraction: Hurd (S-161)

Communion Anthem: “What wondrous love is this?”, Craig Phillips

Communion Hymn: 329, “Now, my tongue, the mystery telling”

Stripping of the Altar: Psalm 22 (Plainsong; Craig/Lindsay)

No Postlude TBD

Good Friday, Noon

  • No altar guild setup required.
  • Lane needs to recruit help and set up cross and kneeler.
  • Spoken liturgy in 2014
    • Cherry reads passion Gospel
    • Lane/Cherry to confer about officiating
    • No entrance music
    • Lane to confer with Gettises to see if we can get 33 bell rings on entry.
    • TBD: JW may rework so all hymns are a cappella. In 2013:
      • Hymn after Sermon: 167 (“There is a green hill far away”)
      • Hymn at Veneration of the Cross: 171 (“Go to dark Gethsemane”)
      • Not enough coverage. We ran out of music in 2013.
      • No Communion (including reserved sacrament) or postlude
      • Lane to dispose of consecrated bread/wine from reserve on GF

Holy Saturday, 9 a.m.: N/A

Easter Vigil, 8 p.m.

Lighting Plan Needed

Vigil Chanted

After Reading 1 (Genesis 1:1-2:2): Psalm 136:1-9,23-26 (Tone II.1)

After Reading 2 (Exodus 14:10-30,15:20-21): Canticle 8 (sung by choir) (setting?)

After Reading 3 (Ezekiel 36:24-28): Psalm 42:1-7 (sung by choir) (setting?)

After Reading 4 (Ezekiel 37:1-14): Psalm 143:1-4,11-12 (Tine II.1)

No scheduled baptism

Gloria: S-278 (Mathias)

Sequence: 207 (“Jesus Christ is risen today”)

Chanted Alleluia

Anthem: Easter Sequence: “Victimae Paschali Laudes,” Volckmar Leisring; Richard Proulx, arr.

No Presentation Hymn

Sursum Corda chanted

Sanctus: S-128 (Mathias)

Lord’s Prayer Sung

Fraction: 208, v. 1 (“Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia! The strife is o’er, the battle done”)

Communion Music: “Eastertide Carol,” Mainz Gesangbuch, 1628

Postcommunion Hymn: 178 (“Alleluia! Jesus is Lord”)

Retiring Procession: 180 (“He is risen”)

Postlude: TBD

Easter Day

7 a.m.


Karen plays.

Lighting Plan Needed

Processional: 207 (“Jesus Christ is risen today”)

Gloria: Said? Sung?

Sequence: 208 (“Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia! The strife is o’er, the battle done”)

No Offortory Anthem

No Presentation Hymn

Sursum Corda / Santus / Lord’s Prayer / Fraction spoken

Communion Music: Voluntary

Retiring Procession: Voluntary

Postlude: TBD

9/11:15 a.m.

Lighting Plan Needed

Preludes: “Sonata (Presto),” Jacchini; “Allegro,” Manfredini

Processional: 207 (“Jesus Christ is risen today”)

Gloria: S-278 (Mathias)

Sequence: 174 (“At the Lamb’s high feast we sing”)

Anthem: “The Day of Resurrection,” Thomas Matthews

Presentation Hymn: 618, v. 4: “O friends, in gladness let us sing”

Sursum Corda chanted

Sanctus: S-128 (Mathias)

Lord’s Prayer Sung

Fraction: 208, v. 1 (“Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia! The strife is o’er, the battle done”)

Communion Music: “This joyful Eastertide”, harm. Charles Wood

Communion Hymn: 190 (“Lift your voice rejoicing, Mary”)

Communion Hymn: 204 (“Now the green blade riseth”)

Retiring Procession: 180 (“He is risen”)

No Messiah

Postlude: TBD