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Christmastide is the season from Christmas Eve through the Epiphany, the “twelve days of Christmas” celebrating the Incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ. When the Fourth Sunday of Advent is December 24, Advent still is observed in the morning, and Christmastide begins with the first Christmas Eve service as the sun is setting.

The Advent wreath is removed between the last Advent observance and the first Christmastide observance. Red ribbons, poinsettias, and lighting of trees are appropriate.

The aisle candles remain in place through the Day of Epiphany (January 6). Since 2011.

The choir is on hiatus during Christmastide, and spoken settings of the Sursum Corda, Sanctus, Lord’s Prayer, and Fraction are used.

Preludes and postludes are used in Christmastide.

The Opening Acclamation at all Eucharists is “Alleluia! Unto us a child is born! / Come let us adore him! Alleluia!”, 1979 BCP p. 77.

The Gloria is restored, or other music appropriate for Christmastide may be used.

Standard fraction texts are restored.

The seasonal Christmastide blessings from the Book of Occasional Services are used.

8 a.m. Sunday

The Preface of the Incarnation is used.

5 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. Sunday

The Prayers of the People are Form 6, 1979 BCP p. 392.

The standard Confession of Sin is used, 1979 BCP p. 360.

Eucharistic Prayer B (1979 BCP p. 367) is used with the Preface of the Incarnation.

The Lord’s Prayer is spoken.

The Postcommunion Prayer is “Eternal God …”, 1979 BCP p. 365.

Altar Guild

Vestments are coronation white.

The poinsettias are retained as long as they are not wilted.

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