Seasonal Adaptations

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The following liturgical adaptations apply to the 10 a.m. Sunday Eucharist and special services as indicated. They do not apply to the 5 p.m. Saturday Eucharist, the 8 a.m. Sunday Eucharist, or any Chapel services.

Season Prayers
of the
Confession Eucharistic
Proper Preface Lord’s
Advent 3 Yes E3 None Sung Eternal God …
Christmas Eve
4 and 7 p.m.
3 Yes B Incarnation Said Eternal God …
Christmas Eve
11 p.m.
3 Yes D None Sung Eternal God …
Christmastide 6 Yes B Incarnation Said Eternal God …
Epiphanytide 6 Yes E2 None Said Eternal God …
Ash Wed.)
2 at 5/Sat
4 at 10/Sun
Yes A Lent 2 Said Almighty and everliving …,
(Rite Two)
Holy Week 3 PS-Yes
A Holy Week Said Almighty and everliving …,
(Rite Two)
Easter Vigil
& Easter Day
9 & 11:15
3 No D None Said God of abundance …
Easter Day
7 a.m.
3 No D None Sung God of abundance …
Easter 2 –
Easter 6
3 No B Easter Sung God of abundance …
Ascension Day
and Easter 7
3 No B Ascension  Sung God of abundance …
Pentecost 3 No B Pentecost  Sung God of abundance …
Trinity Sunday
(or use
Early Summer)
3 No B Trinity  Sung God of abundance …
Early Summer:
2 Pentecost –
Proper 11 End of June
6 Yes A F/S/HS Said Loving God …
Late Summer:
Proper 12 July –
Labor Day
6 Yes C None Said Loving God …
After Labor Day
and Before
All Saints’ Sun.
6 Yes E1 E1 Said Loving God …
All Saints’ Sun.
to Reign of Christ
incl. Thanksgiving
6 Yes E2 None Said Loving God …
Marriage Marriage No B Marriage Said Marr. Postcomm. (BCP p. 432)
Funeral Burial No B Burial Said Burial Postcomm. (BCP p. 498)