Remarriage after Divorce

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All Marriages at St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church must conform to the laws of the State governing the creation of the civil status of Marriage and also to the laws of the Episcopal Church governing the solemnization of Holy Matrimony, both of which speak to the subject of Remarriage after Divorce.

If either of the parties is divorced with a living ex-spouse, at least 75 days’ notice must be given in order to allow time to request in writing the required permission of the Bishop of San Diego. The Bishop requires a pre-existing ongoing pastoral relationship between the Rector and the couple seeking remarriage after divorce. At least one year must have passed since the date of the filing for petition of divorce and six months since the date of the final divorce or annulment decree. Obligations to the former spouse and/or children must have been or must be being fulfilled responsibly. The new partner must not in any way have been party to or responsible for the breakup of the previous marriage. The person or persons seeking a second marriage must demonstrate that he/she brings strength and insight into this new relationship, and has a strong spiritual understanding of the Sacrament of Marriage.

The Officiant must examine and retain a certified copy of the divorce decree(s) during Premarital Counseling. If any other Episcopal member of the clergy has refused to officate the Marriage, that fact must be disclosed and the reasons stated as part of the application to the Bishop.

The Bishop rarely grants permission for remarriage after two or more divorces, and special circumstances must be demonstrated to obtain such permission.

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