Requirements for Marriage at St. Margaret’s

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  • Membership: At least one of the parties to the Marriage must be a baptized Christian, and a member of St. Margaret’s. Exceptions for good cause must be approved by the Rector.
  • Regulations: All Marriages at St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church must conform to the Family Code of the State of California and also to the canons and policies of the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of San Diego governing the solemnization of Holy Matrimony.
  • Notice: A minimum of 30 days’ notice is required before a Marriage can occur.
  • Divorce: If either of the parties is divorced with a living ex-spouse, at least 75 days’ notice must be given. Remarriage after divorce requires the Judgment of the Bishop of San Diego.
  • Timing: Marriage ceremonies do not occur during Lent.
  • Counseling: All couples seeking Marriage at St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church must participate in Premarital Counseling,  and must, in consultation with the counselor, draft written statements to the bishop explaining what the service means and how marriage will change their lives.
  • Ceremony: The Wedding must adhere to the Ceremonial Guidelines of St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church.
  • Officiant: The Officiant of the ceremony is the Rector or another member of the clergy licensed to officiate in the Diocese of San Diego and  designated by the Rector.
  • Venue: All St. Margaret’s marriages occur in the church or chapel.
  • Right of refusal: The clergy are not required to perform Marriages, and may decline to do so for any reason, including the outcome of Premarital Counseling.
  • Gifts and fees apply.
Last updated: September 10, 2018 at 19:32 pm