Participants in the Ceremony

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The Marriage Ceremony affords a number of opportunities to involve friends and family. Only the Couple, Officiant, and two or more presenters are required. All the other positions are optional.

  • The Couple
    • Presenters
      One or more may be designated as “Best Man” or “Maid/Matron of Honor”
    • Attendants
      Possibly including “groomsmen” or “bridesmaids.” 
      Note: Because of space constraints in the St. Margaret’s nave, we recommend that you have no more than ten presenters and attendants total.
    • Flower Bearer(s)
    • Ring Bearer(s)
  • Officiant
    • Assisting Clergy
      Assisting clergy may participate with the approval of the Officiant and the Rector.
    • Preacher
      The Preacher at the homily normally is the Officiant or an Assisting Member of the Clergy, but can be another person qualified to preach with the approval of the Officiant and the Rector.
  • Reader(s)
    • Lessons
      One person can read all the Lessons, or different people can read each.
    • Prayers
      One person can read all the Prayers, or two or more people can divide them.
  • Acolyte(s)
    Acolytes are not required, but this is a good role for older children. Acolytes vest in albs or cassock and surplice. One or more of the following can be appointed.

    • Crucifers carry the cross in procession
    • Torch bearers (two) optionally accompany the cross
    • Servers (one or two) assist with preparing the table at Eucharist. For this position, the acolyte(s) should be experienced, or have the time and inclination to learn a more complicated job.
  • Eucharistic Minister(s)
    If you’re having a Eucharist as part of the ceremony, you’ll need one or two Eucharistic Ministers, depending on the number of guests expected. Assisting clergy, if any, normally function in this role.
  • Usher(s)
    These may be drawn from the pool of attendants, or they may be different. They assist by seating guests.
  • Soloist(s)
  • Musician(s)
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