Planning the Ceremony

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We recommend that you provide printed directions to the wedding party, and optionally to all your guests.

As part of Premarital Counseling, couples work with the Officiant and Wedding Coordinator to make plans for the ceremony.

Decisions to be made include:

  • Confirm and finalize the time and date for the Ceremony and Rehearsal
  • Complete Contact Information for Service Providers form, and ensure that all of these people are aware of the Parish’s applicable Ceremonial Guidelines
  • Estimate the number of guests expected for the ceremony. Remember that the worship space seats 904, including the couple’s attendants.
  • Selecting and adapting the rite to be used
  • “Giving away” the bride (BCP rite only)
  • Choosing readings
  • Confer with the Altar Guild about the use of candles, flowers, and other decorations, even when those are being provided by others. The Officiant will assign an Altar Guild representative for you.
  • Selecting the Participants in the Ceremony
Last updated: September 10, 2018 at 19:32 pm