Lifelong Covenants, including Marriage

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Congratulations on your engagement! Before moving forward, please make sure to read over the Requirements for Marriage at St. Margaret’s.

All Marriage at St. Margaret’s takes the form of worship conducted in strict observance of rites and protocols of the Episcopal Church, the Diocese of San Diego, and the parish. Marriage in the church is not the private domain of the couple, but always is set in the context of the communal worship and pastoral life of the parish under the direction of the Rector (senior pastor). Marriage at St. Margaret’s requires study of and entry into Christian Life and Covenant.

If you plan to be married at St. Margaret’s, the first step is to complete and submit the Marriage Information Form and schedule an in-person meeting with the Associate Rector. The Rector appoints the Officiant in consultation with Associate Rector and the couple, and the Officiant normally then becomes the couple’s primary contact to St. Margaret’s for subsequent Premarital Counseling and Preparation for Marriage.

Last updated: June 19, 2019 at 11:33 am