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The Vestry is ready to receive applications for service on our parish Profile and Call Committees. The deadline for submitting an application is June 13, 2019.

The Profile Committee will gather information about our history and our aspirations; it will describe the kind of spiritual leader we seek.

The Call Committee will be responsible for distributing the profile, recruitment, candidate screening and presentation of results to the Vestry.

Please review two documents as you discern whether to apply:

The Application Process describes the work of each committee more fully, the traits desired for committee members, and the commitments you will need to make. Click here to read about the application process.

The Call Committee Charge is key to understanding the work of the Call Committee. Click here to read the Call Committee Charge.

The Vestry hopes to receive a very diverse group of applications, reflecting the variety of our ages, ethnicities, perspectives, and other traits. Web-based conferencing will be used to enable participation by our seasonal community members, and most work of the Call Committee will be done in high season.

A single Application for either or both committees can be found here. You will need to download the file, open and complete it in WORD, save your application and then return as described in the Application Process. You may also pick up a copy of the application in the Karns Administration Building.