A Home for the Holidays

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We Made Our Goal!9



As we began our Lessons & Carols worship, our bishop bid us “remember, in [Christ’s] name, the poor and helpless, the cold, the hungry, and the oppressed.” With your help, we can do more than remember.

A local couple who’ve been clients at the St. Margaret’s Outreach Center for three years lost their home long ago. Through hard work and support, they conquered a drug addiction and now have a steady income. But tonight their home is not even a manger, but a hiding place in a nearby drainage ditch.

Your generous and tax-deductible gift will benefit Desert Friends of Music, who made this evening and other excellent music possible, and half will create a new home for the holidays in time for move-in before Christmas.

Let’s rejoice God’s heart and extend dignity and safety to God’s people, and with angelic hosts proclaim, “Christ is born in Bethlehem.”

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8 3 1 Sometimes life is tough. And trying to pull one’s self out of the cycle of homelessness is near impossible without help. Today, we can help. There is a couple living among us. They are members of our community. They work, they attend church multiple days a week and they always make sure the little dog they rescued from the pound has plenty of food and water, and goes to the vet when necessary. They are good people … and they are homeless.

When you and I go to the safety and warmth of our homes, they go to the ditch. It is the safest, warmest place they can find. And they wake up in the morning and take to the streets for their daily activities. As the sun sets, they quietly fade into the background until daybreak. We can change this. We must change this.

Chet Hecht

About the Outreach Center

The St. Margaret’s Outreach Center, located at 44710 San Pablo Ave. in Palm Desert, provides food, clothing, and referrals to families, adults, seniors and children in our community. In the last month alone, The Center distributed more than 20,000 pounds of food to 800 clients representing 3200 family members. Our team of 30 volunteers works in partnership with The FIND Food Bank, the US Department of Agriculture, Hidden Harvest and others to bring hope, encouragement, and the love of God to our neighbors year round.

About Desert Friends of Music

The mission objectives of the Desert Friends of Music organization include the following:

  • To present the best in quality music programming for the desert community particularly in the areas of choral and organ performances.

  • To support the overall mission of St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church and increase awareness of its programs throughout the Valley.

  • To showcase the church’s magnificent Quimby organ and to utilize the beautiful performance space provided by the large, spacious sanctuary.

  • To provide financial support and publicity for the ongoing music ministry in weekly worship services and special events such as Lessons and Carols.

  • Encourage music education in area youth by providing low-cost access to concerts and financial support to students needing help in paying for their musical education.

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