The Quimby Organ (Op. 50, 1998)

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3294287_origDedicated on St. Margaret’s Day in 1998, the St. Margaret’s organ is Opus 50 of the Quimby Pipe Organ Company of Warrensburg, Missouri. This company has built organs in several prominent venues in the nation, and in recent years was responsible for the total restoration of the great organ in the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in New York City.

St. Margaret’s organ is a 4 manual and pedal instrument comprised of 58 Stops, 71 Ranks, and 4,291 Pipes.  In addition to a majority of new pipe work, a number of beautiful color stops built by the famous early 20th Century American builder Ernst M. Skinner have been incorporated.  The organ was designed to accompany the Anglican service and to successfully and authentically play centuries of organ literature, all of which has been explored through a yearly series of recitals since the installation.

After living with the organ for several years, a few judicious exchanges were made in certain ranks in the Choir Organ.  Additionally, 20 digital stops (18 ranks plus Harp and Chimes) were added to provide more support for congregational singing in the rear of the Nave and the balcony, and to provide accompaniment for occasional soloist and choir singing from the balcony.  There was no room to install pipes in that location, or for additions desired in the Chancel organ chambers.  The digital additions were made by the Walker Technical Company of Zionsville, Pennsylvania, the nation’s premiere builder of digital voices.   A digital reverberation system built by the Roland corporation in Japan was added to enhance the organ and choral sound in the somewhat dry acoustic of the Nave.

Unusual features of the organ:

  • The entire organ, with the exception of some pedal stops and the heroic Tuba Major, is totally enclosed in expression chambers.  This provides a very wide dynamic range of sound, from barely audible to a powerful and rich full organ ensemble.
  • Through a unique series of couplers, several sections of stops in each manual division may be moved to the 4th  manual, canceling them within their home division.  (See stoplist)  This provides a high degree of flexibility in registering the organ.
  • Organ Specifications 2009

 The Chancel and choir area were completely redesigned as part of the organ installation project and were also dedicated to God’s Glory on St. Margaret’s Day in 1998.

Contact: John Wright

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