Karel Lambell

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Here it is…my confession…I am an unapologetic Episcopalian and have been since birth! Some call that a “cradle Episcopalian”…I call it “thanks Mom and Dad” for making a good decision. Mom had attended the Methodist Church growing up, Dad the Presbyterian Church and they were married in the Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills. Their church shopping was complete when they heard the Episcopal liturgy and so it goes, was mine.

I remember Sunday school, learning the 10 Commandments for which we received a bible marker engraved with each commandment as we learned them. (I still have it!) I remember Children’s Chapel and singing in the youth choir, being elected President of the Episcopal Youth Council, Shrove Tuesday pancake breakfasts and each year my new Easter bonnet. It was a good time of life to learn that God would always be with me.

There was a gap during those high school years but church attendance immediately returned when I went to college. There was a group of fraternity guys and sorority sisters who attended Sunday service at the Cathedral downtown after which we would make Sunday brunch at Lou’s apartment and then study for the rest of the day. This fellowship was good for my spiritual growth and to remind me that God was always by my side.

Then there was another l-o-n-g gap as my career flourished but I continued my prayers which made me feel close to God by being faithful to that ritual. I went to other churches during those years for weddings, funerals and an occasional service with friends but none measured up to the
Episcopal life and liturgy.

One Easter Mom suggested we come to St. Margaret’s for Sunday service. Our home was in Palm Springs but we made the drive, arrived at 9:50ish and as we now know, there wasn’t a parking spot or seat left. I will never forget the sound of the brass that began that service, heralding the joy of the resurrection of Jesus. It was a life changing day. It was as if someone smacked me and said “God is always with you. Don’t you get it? He’s been there all through these years and will be beside you forever more.”

Unapologetically I can say… I get it…I get it, I really get it.