Joan Hobin

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My mother and father retired to Palm Desert in 1964. First to the Sandpiper and later to Marrakesh Country Club.  They were very happy to discover St. Margaret’s for their Sunday worship.  My two sisters and I would come to visit twice a year. Sometimes with and sometimes without our husbands. We would always accompany them to church on Sunday.  When Father Brad Hall arrived in the early 70’s they were very excited to introduce him to us. Brad Hall made a very large impression on all of us. Each time we visited the church Brad would greet us by name and even announce from the pulpit “Glad to see the Bailey girls here today”. We loved to talk to Brad after church and he would ask about our husbands as they were usually not with us. In 1983 my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary by Brad marrying them again in a small church service. They had eloped in college and my mother had always wanted a church wedding.  She died in 1988 and my dad followed 6 months later. Brad buried both of them. The new church was just being built so a window was dedicated in their memory.  In 1996 my husband and I were living in Laguna Beach and becoming more and more stifled by the traffic, the fast pace, the rat race and the price of housing. Our 4 children were in college or had graduated and we were empty nesters. We came down to the desert for a weekend and attended St. Margaret’s.  Brad Hall welcomed us with open arms and it was a beautiful service.  On the way home we both said. “Lets get out of Orange County and move to the desert” and we did.  Father Brad and St. Margaret’s were a big part of that decision.