Information for Travelers

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If you’re coming from out of town, here is some information you may find helpful:

Flight Information

Check online for best flight options. In some cases, the closest airport may not be the least expensive flight, and the price difference may be substantial. Here are the closest airports, including travel time to St. Margaret’s:

  • PSP: 23 min.
  • ONT: 1 hour, 19 min.
  • SNA: 1 hour, 52 min. (much more during rush hour)
  • LAX: 2 hours, 11 min. (much more during rush hour)
  • SAN: 2 hours, 15 min. (much more during rush hour)

Ground Transportation

You’re welcome to rent a car, of course. Once we know how many people are coming to which airport, we can help coordinate group transportation, which may mean a shared rental car, someone picking you up at the airport, or something else.


For the retreat itself, we’ll be spending the night (Sunday, March 22) at Joshua Tree National Park. But you’ll probably want to arrive on Saturday, and maybe earlier if you have other plans in town. Many of our parishioners have casitas: small, usually detached guest houses. We can arrange for guest lodging in a casita for you, or we can recommend a hotel close to St. Margaret’s:

  • Low-cost recommendations
    • International Lodge: 74380 El Camino Palm Desert, CA
    • Holiday Inn Express: 74675 Highway 111 Palm Desert, CA
  • Mid-range recommendations
    • Embassy Suites Hotel: 74700 Highway 111 Palm Desert, CA
    • Best Western Plus Palm Desert Resort: 74695 Highway 111 Palm Desert, CA
  • Resort recommendations
    • Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa: 41-000 Bob Hope Dr. Rancho Mirage, CA
    • Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & Spa: 44 – 600 Indian Wells Ln Indian Wells, CA
  • Contact us directly for very high end options


We’ll likely ask everyone to pitch in

* What is there to do in Palm Desert, the Coachella Valley, and Southern California? Any special events going on at the same time? I might want to come early or stay late.

* Gear transportation

* What clothing should I pack?

* What’s the weather going to be like?

* What’s the retreat program going to be?

* Say more about scorpions, snakes, bees, and coyotes.

* Besides transportation and park admission, what costs am I probably not thinking about?

* What’s the environment like in the desert? Cell service? Electricity? Running Water? Medical care?

* I’m clergy. Do I get a liturgical role Sunday morning?

* Any advance preparation or reading that would be helpful?

* If I’m coming in from out of town, which airport should I fly into?

* I don’t like camping. I’m allergic to sand. I have diverticulitis. I only eat macaroni and cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese.