SUMMARY of Mission and Ministry Funding Priorities

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Note: This high-level overview is not a complete list, and the numbers do not represent formal quotes. Please call me today at (760) 346-2697 if you’d like to know more about any of these items.


  • Restore $100-120K to current $1.5M budget to fund associate rector position
  • Fully fund operational/staffing needs (additional $400,000, $2.1M annual total)
    Includes third priest; fulltime facilities manager & communications director; staff salary adjustments; fully  fund staff health care; fully fund operational maintenance
    DOES NOT INCLUDE expanded outreach, expanded worship/music offerings, funding St. Margaret’s Day / Scottish Festival, Christmas/Easter music, advocacy

Infrastructure Urgent

  • Repair labyrinth and replace canopy: $6K (two phases, $3K each) Donor found!
  • Urgent maintenance to existing interior church lighting: $10,000
  • Replace/upgrade parking lot lighting: $60K
  • Repair broken concrete joints (trip hazards): $30K
  • HVAC Renovation in the church: $700K (six phases ranging from $42K to $245K)
  • Replace south windows in church: $100K
  • Campus Security: $57K total; various phases ranging $3-35K

Infrastructure Important

  • Resurface entire parking lot, including re-grading: $150K
  • Roof repair: $150K
  • Misc. Church building: $30K ($3-8K projects including work on tile, fountains, elevator, etc.)
  • Karns Hall kitchen renovation: $100K
  • Karns Hall building renovation, including rest rooms: $100K
  • AV for classrooms: $40K
  • Desert Landscaping throughout: $40K
  • Parking lot landscaping: $20K
  • Replace pews: $200K


  • Endowing staff positions
  • Endowing special musical events, including St. Margaret’s Day
  • Office building and infrastructure upgrades (floors, furniture, computers, phones)
  • Solar energy system: $2M

Total annual operating goal: $2.1 (currently $1.5M)
Total capital needs: $5.5M
Total debt: $1.8M (approximately half to be eliminated when Nordstrom campus sells, Dec. 2015)

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