The Vestry

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The Vestry is the council of St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church. In addition to transacting the temporal business of the church, the vestry works with the Rector, under the Bishop, to lead the congregation in the ministries of the church. Following the model of servant leadership, each member of the vestry is responsible for the effectiveness of our ministries, shaping and guiding them for the growth of the people of the congregation, and for our mission to the community beyond our walls. Members of the Vestry are also committed to personal growth as leaders and to ministering to one another in Christian community.

Vestry meetings are open to Members of the Parish, and normally are scheduled for the third Monday of each month at 4 p.m. in the Karns Administration Building Conference Room.

Click here for a Vestry application: vestry application

Current Vestry Members

Ex OfficioThe Rev. Kathleen KellyInterim Rector
Term Ending 2020Jan RomerdahlSenior Warden
Term Ending 2020Laura Bickford
Term Ending 2020Jim Duke
Term Ending 2020Jane Hodnik
Term Ending 2020Robert Strong
Term Ending 2021Mark Austin
Term Ending 2021Jim Hatfield
Term Ending 2021Guin KerstetterJunior Warden
Term Ending 2021Kate Pierattoni
Term Ending 2022Gary Gleeson
Term Ending 2022Gretchen Heuring
Term Ending 2022Kate Reeves
Term Ending 2022Tom Williams
Vestry ClerkDebby JansmaNot a member of the Vestry

Partial History of Vestry Service

Gary Gleeson20222019-present
Gretchen Heuring20222019-present
Kate Reeves20222019-present
Tom Williams20222019-present
Kate Pierattoni20212019-presentElected by the Vestry to replace Brenda Thayer
Mark Austin20212018-present
Jim Hatfield20212018-present
Guin Kerstetter20212018-present
Brenda Thayer20212018-2019Resigned in 2019
Laura Bickford20202017-2020
Jim Duke20202017-2020
Jane Hodnik20202017-2020
Robert Strong20202017-2020
Brad Burr20192017-2019Replaced David Skinner, who resigned in 2017 to move to Arizona
Vince Heuring20192016-2019
Robin Nugent20192016-2019
Jan Romerdahl20202016-Current
Rita Saari20182016-2018Replaced Marge Freeman, who died in office. Not eligible for re-election.
Meredith Hardy20182015-2018
Samantha Hirsch20182015-2018
Dave Strom20182015-2018
Robert Dean20172014-2017
Mary Ann Ekman20172014-2017
Frank Jacobi Lewis20172014-2017
David Skinner2016Feb. 2015-2017Elected by Vestry Feb. 2015 to fill Curt Gettis' unexpired term. Resigned 2017, replaced by Brad Burr
Marge Freeman20182015-2016Died in office. Replaced by Rita Sarri, who is not eligible for re-election.
Barb Gibson20162013-2016
Steve Hanson20162013-2016
Dennis Hooper20162013-2016
Elizabeth Kennedy20172014-Dec. 2015Resigned effective end of 2015
Jane Daugherty20152012-2015
Bob Leo20152012-2015
Eva Myers20152012-2015
Ed Rainey20152012-2015
Curt Gettis20162013-2014Resigned end of year 2014
Margo Baxley20142011-2014
Rusty Downer20142011-2014Replaced Rainer Bergmann, who resigned in 2011.
Eric Peterson20142011-2014
Melissa Platt20142011-2014
Wally Grimm20132010-2013Had served a partial term since 2009. Elected Treasurer October 2010
Mario Hernandez20132010-2013
Karel Lambell20132010-2013Elected to regular vestry term at Jan. 2010 APM, then also made Sr. Warden at same time.
Rita Saari20132010-2013Elected to Vestry for regular term. Replaced Bill Fields as Junior Warden May 2010
Marcia Slater Hatfield20132010-2013
Peter Brennan20122009-2012Had served a partial term 2008-09.
Joshua Hill20122009-2012
Bill Hobin20122009-2012
Sam Jack20112008-2011
Jarrett Overgaag20112008-2011
Melissa Platt20112010-2011Replaced Bill Fields; Elected at May 2010 meeting
Sue Shigenaga20112008-2011
Rainer Bergmann20142011-2011Resigned in 2011. Replaced by Rusty Downer.
Laura Green20102008-2010First meeting May 10, 2008. Replaces Gerry Thibault.
Wally Grimm20102009-2010Elected Feb. 2009, replacing Don McNeeley. Elected to a full term in 2010.
Lori Meena20102007-2010
Eva Myers20102008-2010Elected at 2008 APM to fill a vacancy in the class of 2010. 2007 APM had only elected three members.
Bill Fields20112009-2010Elected Feb. 2009, replacing Jay Howard; resigned in 2010; moved to LA; replaced by Melissa Platt.
Jean Ann Hirschi20122009-2010APM 2010 indicates she ended her term, but doesn't say why. NOTE: 5 at-large elected in January 2010.
Carolyn Bergmann20092007-2009First meeting Sept. 10 2007. Can't find record of her election. Replaced Dick Leavitt.
Peter Brennan20092008-2009Elected at 2008 APM to fill vacancy in class of 2009: APM in 2006 had only elected three members.
Loren Rice20092006-2009
Leni Roberts20092006-20092009 Records say her class was 2010 because she was warden in 2009. Actual elected time ended 2009.
Don McNeeley20102007-2009Resigned early 2009 per 2/28/09 minutes. Replaced by Wally Grimm.
Jay Howard20112008-2009Resigned early 2009 per 2/28/09 minutes. Replaced by Bill Fields.
Mario Hernandez20072004-2008Served through January 2008. Terms extended with bishop's OK at 1/9/07 meeting per minutes.
Gary Johnson20072004-2008Served through January 2008. Terms extended with bishop's OK at 1/9/07 meeting per minutes.
Curtis Barlow20082005-2008
Joyce Dash20082005-2008
Kathleen Pippin20082005-2008
Bob Spiegel20082005-2008
VACANT20092006-2008Only 3 elected in 2006 per 1/5/06 decision. Last seat not filled until Peter Brennan elected at 2008 APM.
Gerry Thibault20102007-2008Attended March 1, 2008 meeting, then no further mention of him. Replaced by Laura Green.
VACANT20102007-2008Only 3 elected in 2007 per 1/5/06 decision. Last seat not filled until Eva Myers elected at 2008 APM.
Dick Leavitt20092006-2007Last meeting June 4 2007. No mention of resignation. Replaced by Carolyn Bergmann 9/10/07.
Rainer Bergmann20062003-2006
David Erwin20062003-2006
Michelle Hathaway20062003-2006
Don Miller20062003-2006
Miles Guillingsrud20072004-2006Last meeting June 1, 2006. Not replaced.
Jim McVey20052002-2005
Paul Poole20052002-2005Replaced Diana Miller at 9/26/02 meeting.
Bob Spiegel20052004-2005Replaced August Belmont at 9/26/04 meeting.
Patty Walker20052003-2005Replaced Jeff Roberts 2/18/03.
Al Hastings20072004-2005Resignation recorded 2/24/05. Not replaced.
Andy Duvall2004-2004
Andy Flemer2004-2004
Frank Marshall2004-2004
Bob Spiegel2004-2004
August Belmont20052002-2004Replaced Bob Barley 9/26/02. Resignation recorded 9/26/04. Replaced at that meeting by Bob Spiegel.
Lee Fisher2003-2003
Jean Ann Hirschi2003-2003
Jack Minton2003-2003
Allan Trane2003-2003
Jeff Roberts20052002-2003Resigned. Replaced 2/18/03 by Patty Walker.
Lou Blatterman2002-2002
Chuck Jennings2002-2002
Lisa Johnson2002-2002
Gene Richards2002-2002
Bob Barley20052002-2002Resigned. Replaced 9/26/02 by August Belmont.
Diana Miller20052002-2002Resigned. Replaced 9/26/02 by Paul Poole.
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