Charge to Vestry Nominating Committee 2017

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Pursuant to Article V.2 of the Bylaws of St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church, Senior Warden Dave Strom has appointed Dennis Hooper (chair), Samantha Hirsch (outgoing Vestry), Bob Gibson, Rhiannon Howell, and Margo Baxley as the Vestry Nominating Committee to select and submit to the Vestry a slate of Parish Members who are eligible and willing to serve as Vestry Members to take the place of those Vestry Members whose terms will expire at the January 2018 Annual Parish Meeting. The Vestry gratefully acknowledges the generosity of your service, and on behalf of the Vestry, the Rector, Wardens, and Treasurer charge the Committee with the following responsibilities:

  1. At the December Vestry meeting, currently scheduled for the Monday, Dec. 11, at 4 p.m., the chair of the Vestry Nominating Committee will present to the Vestry a slate of exactly four eligible candidates to be commended to the congregation for election to the Vestry. A full position description is available at
  2. The Senior Warden will announce shortly to the parish that the Vestry Nominating Committee has been formed and invite interested leaders to apply directly to the Vestry Nominating Committee for consideration. Applications should be made directly to the chair of the Committee or relayed through the Parish Secretary. Other Committee members will refer applications and inquiries to the Chair. In order to ensure a sufficient pool of qualified candidates, the Chair may make further appeals to the Congregation encouraging additional applications or referrals at his or her discretion, and is encouraged to notify the Rector and/or Senior Warden of such announcements.
  3. The Committee is encouraged to pursue qualified candidates actively and to encourage specific individuals to make application. In some cases, the best candidates may require persuasion before they submit an application. Specific candidates should be approached by consensus of the committee, and not unilaterally by any one member, including the Chair.
  4. Members of the Parish may recommend third parties to the Chair for consideration. Third party recommendations from Clergy, seated Vestry, staff, and/or family members of potential candidates are appropriate and welcome. The Committee’s action on the recommendation will remain confidential and will not be communicated back to the person making the recommendation.
  5. Applicants should be asked to present the Vestry Nominating Committee with a résumé , a color digital photograph, a written statement of 100-200 words describing the applicant’s interest and qualifications, and other supporting materials determined by the Committee. The photographs and written statements of the candidates who are nominated will be published to the congregation.
  6. All applications and recommendations should be acknowledged with the parish’s gratitude, preferably in writing.
  7. Because the standard tenure of a Senior Warden is one year, the Committee should consider that a future Senior Warden is among the slate to be nominated, and select accordingly. In addition, the Committee should take into account that each Vestry member serves as a liaison to a Commission overseeing a major area of ministry. The Vestry members whose service is ending in January represent the following Commissions, and the slate should, insofar as possible, include nominees especially well-suited to these areas of ministry:
    1. Facilities
    2. Finance
    3. Community Outreach
  8. Nominees are selected on the committee’s mutual discernment of gifts for leadership at St. Margaret’s, and should take into account the following criteria:
    1. A mixture of long-time members and relative newcomers is desirable, including those who have demonstrated effective Vestry leadership in the past, but newcomers normally ought to have been active in the congregation for at least 18 months.
    2. Prior leadership outside of St. Margaret’s is good evidence of leadership potential.
    3. Insofar as it is possible, the composition of the Vestry should reflect the diversity of the congregation as that pertains to gender, age, economic advantage, sexual orientation, ethnicity, full-time vs. seasonal residence, and preferences in worship time and style.
    4. Vestry members should be willing to commit to exercising leadership in their financial support of the parish by making and honoring pledges and by committing to make St. Margaret’s a substantial financial priority as best that is defined by individual Vestry members.
    5. Vestry members must be willing to act collegially by their collective action, and to abide by the lawful decisions of the Vestry and the officers of the parish.
    6. Willingness and ability to communicate electronically is very desirable.
    7. Membership in another congregation where an alternate residence is kept, including Vestry or other governing board leadership there, is not a barrier to Vestry service at St. Margaret’s, so long as no conflict of interest exists.
    8. Vestry service is neither a reward for prior service nor a means by which members might be encouraged to participate more actively in the life of the congregation. This is not an appropriate role for an inactive member we hope to make active.
  9. The Vestry Nominating Committee will observe the following principles:
    1. The work and deliberation of the Committee, including the identities of those considered but not nominated, is confidential to the committee, though the Chair may reveal names as he or she determines to be appropriate for the purpose of seeking the counsel of the Rector.
    2. Members of the Vestry Nominating Committee, continuing members of the Vestry, parish staff, clergy of the Episcopal Church, and members of their households are not eligible for nomination to the Vestry. Whenever the Committee considers the nomination of a member of the extended family of a Committee member, the Committee member or any other possible conflict of interest, the Committee member will disclose the potential conflict of interest to the Chair, who may ask the member to recuse himself or herself from voting and/or discussion at the sole discretion of the Chair. If the potential conflict of interest is with the Chair, he or she will disclose that fact to the Rector, who will issue a final decision.
    3. The Chair will submit names confidentially to the Controller of the parish to verify their eligibility to serve if elected. Names may be submitted at any phase of the selection process at the discretion of the Chair, but no candidate should be notified that he or she will be nominated until the verification is complete.
    4. The Chair or his or her designee should confer with the Parish Secretary to reserve comfortable and private meeting space at the church as needed, or the Committee may meet at any comfortable and private place outside the church at its discretion.
    5. The Rector should be invited to meet briefly and privately with candidates at the time they are interviewed in person by the nominating committee. The purpose of the Rector’s meeting is to review specific requirements and expectations of service.
    6. Reasonable expenses may be submitted to the Controller for reimbursement. Please confer with the Rector if there is a question about the definition of “reasonable.”
    7. Procedural questions and requests for judgment should be directed to the Rector and/or Senior Warden.
  10. Other individuals may be nominated from the Parish Membership at large, provided the proposed names have been submitted in writing to the Clerk of the Vestry at least three weeks prior to the Annual Meeting. No nominations may be made “from the floor” at the Annual Meeting.
  11. The Chair is urged strongly to schedule time to confer as early as is mutually convenient with the Rector, Senior Warden, and/or prior year’s Chair for the purpose of reviewing this document and receiving the benefit of their expectations and prior experience managing this process.
  12. The Chair is urged to convene the Committee promptly for the purpose of reviewing this document, agreeing to future meeting dates, setting a schedule for future meetings, and defining roles and strategies for accomplishing its work.
  13. The Chair will provide the color digital photographs and written statements of the slate to the Senior Warden when announcing the slate to the Vestry at its December meeting. The list of nominees then is final, and not subject to modification by the Vestry. The Vestry will designate one of its members to announce the slate to the parish. The presentation of the slate to the Vestry concludes the work of the Committee, although they are encouraged to be present at the Annual Parish Meeting for recognition and thanks.
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