Frank Jacobi-Lewis

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My partner and I came to St. Margaret’s quite by accident. We live just around the corner across from the Living Desert. We were weekenders at our home here in the desert. We were Church-attending Catholics at our home in Diamond Bar, but the church’s attitude as to Gay couples made us feel it was not a place for us to attend, so we stopped going.  (Don’t tell Mom.)

When I retired from teaching, we made Palm Desert our permanent home and drove past St. Margaret’s daily. We missed attending church. A very dear friend in Los Angeles attends St. Bede. I talked to her about St. Margaret’s, and she asked Father Jim Newman what he knew of St. Margaret’s. He happened to be a friend of Troy, and spoke highly of the Church. So we attended, and it happened to be when there was the annual meeting, which we stayed for. We have been active members here for now going on four years.

How it transformed our lives:

  • We attend weekly and love it.
  • We have met many Great people.
  • I (Frank) am in my third year of EfM. Tony participates at the Connections Table.  We have participated in the Supper Club. We were invited by the group.
  • I (Frank) am Jewish by birth and baptized and confirmed Catholic. and Tony is from a strong Catholic family. Parochial school student. We both feel participation in OUR church is important in our lives.
  • St. Margaret’s has opened up God’s love for me personally.  We are both spiritual people.
  • I have been elected to the Vestry and will be completing my first year.
  • I am on the Preschool Planning Team.
  • EfM has been a great learning experience which wouldn’t have happened had I not joined St. Margaret’s. The friendliness and love of those we met here has enriched our lives.

What we have gained by attending St. Margaret’s cannot be measured.