Clergy and Staff

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The Rev. Kathleen Kelly
Lead Pastor
(760) 346-2697, ext. 106

The Rev. Deborah Seles
Associate Rector

The Rev. Cherry Remboldt

John Wright
Director of Music
(760) 346-2697, ext. 109

Fred Swann
Organ Artist-in-Residence

Craig Gahnz
Vocal Coach and Assistant Choir Director

Debby Jansma
Member Development
(760) 346-2697, ext. 104

Chet Hecht
Director of Outreach,
Family Ministry, and Fellowship
(760) 346-2697, ext. 102

Darlene Fletcher
(760) 346-2697, ext. 125

Jo Bice
Volunteer Financial Assistant

Emily Vogt
Communications Specialist
(760) 346-2697, ext. 101

Jim Duke
Public Information Volunteer
(News, Podcast, Media Relations,
Web Site, Social Media)

The Rev. Kathleen Dale
Counseling Center
(760) 346-5337

Veronica Aguayo

Norma Cardenas

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