Deborah Seles

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The Rev. Deborah Seles
The Rev. Deborah Seles

What do you get when you introduce a woman from the far northwest side of Chicago who not only  wanted to be a priest from the time she received her First Holy Communion (in the Roman Catholic Church) but also had an Anglican understanding of the Eucharist to the Episcopal Church via her late husband?  When she rediscovers the beauty of the liturgy, the expansiveness of its theology and its passion for mission and her sense of call is affirmed, you get a mature woman delighted to do the work God meant her to do. Not that her 26+ years as a social worker (working with adults with disabilities) is abandoned. . .

What do you get when a ‘formerly serious (read ‘uptight’) person discovers the joy of spontaneity of play through dance, improv, stand-up and goofing around with her Norwegian elkhound and her many friends?  When you combine these qualities with a passion for learning and teaching, ministry that is centered on connecting people with each other and God, creativity and drive, you get Deb Seles!

Deb is a graduate of Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, and was ordained in 2002. She served as an assisting priest at St. Christopher’s in Oak Park, Illinois; as Executive Director at L’Arche Chicago, an interfaith community where people with and without disabilities live, work, pray and play; as Chaplain at Bishop Anderson House, serving John Stroger Hospital; a trained, certified, and practicing spiritual director and intentional interim rector; and for six years as Rector of the Church of the Ascension in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Deb begins her ministry as Associate Rector at St. Margaret’s on July 1, and can be reached at

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