Connie Lovejoy

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I was raised in the Lutheran Church but found the hellfire-and-damnation Lutheran minister at the college campus church a real turnoff as a young adult; my roommate was an Episcopalian and by attending with her, I found a church home.  My husband and I attended and were married in the church some 50 years ago.

I’ve taught Sunday School and served on the vestry of another church in our home city, as did my husband, but we  have found ourselves, for many reasons, a rogue priest among them,  drifting away from attending in later adulthood UNTIL the day I walked into St. Margaret’s.  I can’t explain the pull, the sense of feeling this is where I belong, even though I am in the desert only three months out of every year.  I can’t wait to get to Palm Desert each year and connect again with St. Margaret’s warm and welcoming community;  I am hoping my husband will want to accompany me occasionally as he has, to my surprise, attended church services a few times in Alaska where he spends three months hosting friends and family on fishing adventures each year…

I have since moved my membership to St. Margaret’s and hope to become more involved this coming winter;  I continually thank God for this reconnection.