Charge to the Call Committee

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The Call Committee is a vestry-appointed committee of the Parish charged to conduct a thorough, thoughtful and prayerful search and evaluation of qualified candidates for the position of rector for St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church. The selection and call of a rector is among the most important decisions the vestry can make; therefore, the vestry directs the Call Committee to conduct this search for as long as is required for the successful completion of its charge.

II. The Committee

  1. The committee consists of two co-chairs, and up to seven other members.
  2. The committee shall approach the process prayerfully, and bearing in mind the interests of the whole parish rather than that of particular constituencies.
  3. The committee will develop clear guidelines to be approved by the vestry that fully protect the confidentiality of all information submitted and of discussions, while keeping the congregation well-informed about each step of the process.  The vestry will respect the confidentiality of the committee’s deliberation, but may inquire about processes followed to assure that they are thorough and fair.
  4. The committee should meet as often as required for the completion of its charge and with the Interim Rector and the Diocesan Transition Officer as necessary to accomplish its tasks.

III. Oversight and Relationships The committee’s relationships to other groups are as follows:

  1. The Vestry

The committee is subject to the supervision of the vestry, which will hold the committee in its prayers. The co-chairs, or their designee, shall provide reports to the vestry as requested by the senior warden .

  1. The Diocese

From the time of its installation to the completion of the process, the committee co-chairs will be the link between the parish and the diocese in matters regarding the search.  Communication between the diocese and the committee will remain strictly confidential.

  1. The Parish

The committee will update the parish on a regular basis about the committee’s process as consistent with its guidelines for confidentiality.

IV. Budget: At the earliest possible date, the committee will prepare a budget with input from the Interim Rector and Finance Committee and submit it to the vestry for approval.

V. Scope of Search: The vestry directs the committee to conduct a national search, without regard for age, gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, or nationality, for a rector who will be an effective spiritual leader in the parish, the diocese and the national Church.

VI. Profile of the Parish: The Profile Committee shall submit the parish profile information to the committee. The committee shall then make a draft of the profile available to the parish for comment and shall submit a final draft to the vestry for approval.   

VII. Confidentiality: All information regarding candidates shall be kept strictly confidential.

VIII. Presentation of Final Candidate: The vestry expects that the committee will identify two to three candidates for its consideration. The candidates shall be unranked.

IX. Contract: The vestry will negotiate with the successful candidate the terms of a contract and benefits package.

X. Assistance: The vestry will respond to any requests for assistance from the committee.


Adopted by the Vestry on May 20, 2019.