Application Process – Profile and Call Committees

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June 13, 2019 is the deadline for submitting an application

Appointees will be announced soon thereafter.

The Committees:  You may ask to be considered for one or both committees.

Purpose of the Profile Committee: Utilizing broad input from the St. Margaret’s community, the committee shall prepare a portfolio of data, and a profile that includes honest descriptions of our physical and spiritual state, our history, our strengths and weaknesses, our future challenges and hopes for our community; as well and the qualities, ministries, gifts and skills we seek in our next rector.

Purpose of the Call Committee: The Canons of The Episcopal Church specify that the vestry shall elect a new rector for the parish.  This important privilege and responsibility begins with the appointment of the Call Committee.  The Call Committee is appointed by the vestry and works on it’s behalf. The Charge to the Call Committee is attached and provides specific duties and responsibilities of the committee.

Instructions:  Fill out the Committee Application available here. Using WORD, complete your answers and send via email to or take it in a sealed envelope to Debby Jansma in the Karns Administration Building. A completed questionnaire does not ensure automatic selection to a committee.  There will be a review of the questionnaires and final appointment of members by the Vestry.

Qualifications and Desired Gifts of the members:

Attends worship regularly

Parish member in good standing

Served or currently serves in one or more parish ministries

Committed to attend meetings and actively participate throughout the process

Displays enthusiasm, eagerness, energy and embodies joy and love for our community

Discerning listener, open-minded and thoughtful

Able to commit to the necessary amount of time and (for Call Committee) travel

Able to work collaboratively and positively in a team

Able to express fresh ideas but also set aside self-interest and personal agendas to focus on the needs of the parish

Reliable, dependable and well organized

A healthy prayer life

Good communication skills

Familiarity with the parish, the parishioners, the diocese and the community

(For Call Committee) Comfortable dealing with confidential information about applicants, and committed to ensuring confidentiality, even in their own households.

Maintain focus on the process even in times of challenge, frustration and time-consuming activities.



Jan Romerdahl-Senior Warden – 509 990-5651- janromerdahl@gmail


Kathleen Kelly


Adopted by the Vestry on May 20, 2019