The Cross on the Mountain

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Cross Overlooking the Valley


The St. Margaret’s Cross sits atop a peak along the mountains overlooking Palm Desert and Rancho Mirage. It has 39 6-watt LED bulbs controlled by a photocell. The land is owned by the Stone Eagle Golf Club, and St. Margaret’s owns and maintains the cross under the terms of a perpetual easement purchased in 1993 from the previous landowner, and is accessible by mountain trails.

Cross Plaque

The cross was first erected in December 1981 by College of the Desert student Mark Stembler, and was replaced the current 16×30-foot cross was designed and commissioned in 1996 by Frank Trane and installed by a team led by Steve Jones. Underground wiring was added later by Matthew Fletcher as an Eagle Scout project. The plaque at the base of the cross is not owned or maintained by St. Margaret’s.

The cross is a popular resting and meditation point for hikers, and the church sponsors hikes to the cross to worship on Ash Wednesday and other occasions.

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