The St. Margaret’s Charge

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In 2011, a newly-assembled program team reflected on their experience of God’s call to St. Margaret’s, and developed a working draft that became known as the St. Margaret’s Charge:

Build the Body. Equip the Saints. Change the World.

The Charge is used as the guiding principle for continued development of mission-driven worship and programs, and reflects an over-arching sense of call to create and nurture relationships that are grounded in the love and power of Jesus Christ. Our own mission is rooted in the larger mission of the whole Church of God, even the Divine Mission, the Missio Dei. But even a good idea or activity may not be the goal toward which God calls us particularly, and that calls for the spiritual work of communal discernment.

Our method is to hold up together our efforts at developing the congregation to determine whether our work serves our Charge. If so, we press on. If not, we ask ourselves whether we’re allowing ourselves to be distracted from our true Charge, or whether we are hearing God call us to a next step and a greater Charge.

Last updated: September 10, 2018 at 19:32 pm